17 Reasons Not To Have Sex On Valentine’s Day~ @askyelelive (Part II)



I was actually on a list of someone’s booty call some time ago and boy was I livid!!

A booty call is a call for sex from someone who don’t want nothing to do with you but fulfill their specific sexual need at the moment.

So it’s your ex or that person you don’t have a relationship with but have sex with and you call whenever you’re lonely and vice versa.

When you are feeling the pressure of the valentine this season, exercise some self-control. Don’t dial those numbers and don’t pick that call because you know what’s going to go down at the end of the day.

#8. VALUE.

One of the things I have discovered with people who have pre-marital sex is amazing. They don’t value themselves and the people they sleep with.

To them, they are all just creatures of habits and so nothing special to hold on to or look up to. You deserve someone who would show you that your reason for living is their excitement for being alive also.


There are 2 types of regret people I have counseled have explained to me. There is the immediate regret where you know you made a huge mistake allowing this person access to your body.

There is also a future regret where you know that if given 10 years ahead from today, that person would most definitely now the type of person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

So, if you think of your immediate experience and your future reality and this particular person does not fit into the bill, don’t have sex with that person.


Ask yourself if you will matter to who it is you want to have sex with after today. Will you matter at all? Would this person cherish you, and want to be with you not just because of sex but because they see their lives written out with you in it. Don’t be carried away by the craziness of the day which is absolute nonsense by the way.


There is a world misconception that as we have Christmas and we celebrate Easter and we have Independence Day celebrations, then we need to equate LOVE in the same line. WRONG! Love is not a feeling. It is a call to action.

You love in the good and the bad and so with this misconception comes a mirage of relationships based on their feelings and the goosebumps they have with the other person and once the bumps have come down, then it’s time to move on. This is just sad. Really sad


Who do you listen to? I was speaking with someone and she told me of a scene in a movie about a couple who went individually to their friends (a couple as well) to seek advice on how to go about having sex for the first time which of course was to be on valentine’s day.

They got the different opinions and went their way BUT these advisory couples who have never had sex coincidentally then talked within themselves and decided to wait till marriage. Who you listen to matters a lot!

Watch out for the last part of this series! Thank you for reading!


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