Minister Aitee – Arugbo Ojo featuring Uddy Samuel
This song is a heartfelt rendition of thanks to God for all he’s done in my life. Thinking on the wonderful works of God, one can’t help but praise Him.
Uddy Samuel contributed a great deal to moulding this song and his verse was just amazing.
Psalms 103 is a good reference for this song as it sets the tone for gratitude and praise

Minister Aitee is a gospel music artist with a divine mandate to bless lives through anointed praise and worship songs.

She desires to create a culture of worship and reverence to our God. Minister Aitee uses gospel music as a vehicle for soul winning.

She has always been in the choir serving in various leadership capacities and mentoring others to use their talents for God.

Minister Aitee has backed up and featured in several music works and released her first 11-track album titled “Born to Worship” in 2012.

She is mightily blessed with a happy marriage and 4 handsome boys.

Minister Aitee is a member of Christ Embassy Church a.k.a Believers’ Loveworld.

Arugbo Ojo by Minister Aitee featuring Uddy Samuel


When I think oh
Of the things you do for me
When I think oh
Belle go dey sweetie me
Arugbo Ojo
Awa yin ò oh *2

Verse 1

I never finish oh
I never
Never *2
Everyday I wake
Na your grace I dey see
No lele
Baba wa loke
With my mouth I go sing your praise oh
Your blessings dey follow me
Your favour dey follow me
Your blessings dey follow me
Your favour dey follow me
Oya loke loke
Egbeya sokan soke
See as my life e dey go
You keep on blessing
You dey provide for me oh
Money oh*2
Favour everywhere

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2.. Uddy Samuel
Ahhhhh ahhhhh
Arugbo Ojo
No be today you dey pick my call
Na because of you I dey feel like boss
Ahhh I dey feel like boss
Eh eh eh
See me see me
As I dey elevate
When I drop my lines
You jollificate
We are topping the chart no go underrate eh
Underrate eh *2
Ahhh ahh
As I dey elevate
When I drop the lines
You jollificate
We are topping the chart
No go underrate eh
Underrate eh*
Ahhhhh ahhhhh
Jesus imaramma
You are chief commander
I go sing hossanna
For you’re my provider

My life e dey go jeje
Hmm ahhh
You just dey bless me
see as my life dey go ohh
Money oh
Money oh
Money everywhere

Repeat chorus

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