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Hey! I’m sure you’re here ‘cos you have questions, questions about Praiseworld Radio. Well, we’ve got answers. Our phone lines and email boxes get buzzing every day with probably the same question you have in mind.

So let’s get right into some of the most frequently asked questions.

What is Praiseworld Radio?
Err… while most people just head on to Google for answers, let’s summarize here.
Praiseworld Radio is Africa’s number one online Gospel Radio station. We are definitely your best choice when it comes to all genres of Gospel Music (we love urban sounds, though)… And your best choice when it comes to the latest gospel music.
You want to know more about us, our vision, values, mission, and similar information? Click HERE.
Does Praiseworld Radio play just songs?
Wow! so you have no idea what you have been missing for the past 7 years? Oops!
Praiseworld Radio hosts talk shows, news, and some more round the clock. From The Praise O’Clock Show to Hot Gospel 20, from Hip Hop Lounge to Classics with Yele, we’ve got you!
The Praise O Clock show
This right here is our flagship show. Hosted by Tola, Acube, Ojay, and Melissa which runs every weekday from 9am – 12pm (WAT), that’s why we call it our Breakfast show. Oh! Lest I forget, you can catch a repeat of the show (in case you miss it live) from 9 pm-midnight.
How do I listen to Praiseworld Radio?
We’re glad you’re asking because you really should.
All you need do is log on to with any internet-enabled device, and you’re live!
But a much easier way would be to download the Praiseworld Radio mobile App via your Google Play Store or App Store

How much Data would listening to Praiseworld Radio App cost?
Hmnnn, someone is being protective of his/her data. That’s very wise of you. Well, the good news is, compared to the large amount of data consumed on your most commonly used apps like Instagram, YouTube, (Oh let’s not even mention Netflix), the Praiseworld Radio app uses less than 15MB per hour. Not so bad right? I mean that is the data for downloading just one song
How do I submit my songs to Praiseworld Radio?
We’ve done our best to make sure submitting your song is easy peasy. All you need to do is click this link and fill in all the details. Cheers!
Can I watch Praiseworld Radio live (Social media)?
The first step would be to follow us on Instagram @Praiseworld_
Then look out for us at 11am (WAT) every weekday when we go live on Instagram (A part of The Praise O’Clock Show). It’s not something you should miss!
We have the best conversations and touch on every issue you could possibly think of.
One more thing, check out and subscribe to our YouTube PraiseworldTV


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