The Chronicles Of ‘Worship In The Room With Joe Praize’


The stage was set, the Ministers were ready and the Angels of the Lord were waiting patiently to make an impact upon the lives of men. ‘Worship In The Room’ was about to take off.

Although, the event began quite late from the actual time fixed, but that did not stop guests from trooping in. They were seated at the outer room, anticipating the moment they would to be called in.

After an hour of making final touches in the ‘room’, the guests were finally ushered in at about 12:10pm while the instrumentalists played softly in the background. A rendition of ‘Halleluyah’ was sang sonorously by the backup vocals as they went through the process of sound check.

The event kicked off with Hezekiah sax, popularly known ‘Heze sax’. He led the first worship session playing the saxophone. Starting off with a slow rendition of the song: “Miracle Worker,” and then he later moved the tempo into a more groovy beat.

While he played along with the instrumentalists, the audience made themselves comfortable as they slowly warmed up to the sweet sounds coming out of the saxophone. ‘Heze sax’ took the music back to a solemn one as he played: “I will trust in you.

At the end of the worship session, Sophia mounted unto the stage to charge the audience into a prayer session. Bringing forth powerful prayer points and making prophetic declarations upon the people and those listening online. She ended the prayer session with songs of worship and presence of God was made manifest as the audience worshiped along with her.

Heze sax took over once again with the song: “We Worship Your Name,” causing the audience to get back on their feet once again. And with hands lifted high unto the heavens, they communed with the Father. The atmosphere suddenly shifted into another level as Heze sax delved into the well-known “Way Maker” by Sinach. The audience grooved along totally connected as the power of God was so strong.

While the worship was ongoing, shouts of joy erupted within the room as the man of the hour ‘Joe Praize’ stepped into the building. As he graced the stage and held on to the microphone, there was an instant change in the atmosphere. His bold and powerful voice combined with God’s undeniable anointing upon his life led the people into another realm of praying and worshiping. Shouts of adoration filled the hall as the saints of God worshiped from the depth of their hearts.

Joe Praize began his session with the song ‘Only You Deserves My Praise,’ and from the starting point to the very end, everyone remained on their feet. There was a deep sense of understanding among the people, their hearts connected in one accord as they all declared that only Jesus deserves all the Praise, Worship and Glory.

The melodious voices of the back-up vocals blended perfectly with the music as Joe Praize went into the second song: “You mean more than this world to me.” The song had in it little twist of rock. There was an obvious thirst and desire in the hearts of the people as they jumped and waved their hands in one accord to the music and with a loud voice, they proclaimed to the Father that He was all they needed in life.

During the worship, Joe Praize walked about the stage with a level of boldness as he conducted and directed the music band as well the audience. He had total command on the stage as he communicated with who he deemed fit. At different points he charged the audience to pray in tongues in order to stay connected. He declared unto them that they were at the concert to meet with God and nobody else.

Each song moved from one level to an even greater level. There was excitement all over, dancing and jumping filled the room as he went into the third song ‘Holy God You are the Most High’. The music band was pumped with energy as they jumped along with the audience. Even the camera men, a few of them joined in to worship along with the audience.

There was a pattern of simplicity in each of his songs. All directed towards the attributes of God. The fourth song “Iyanu oh’ had in it a twist of the Yoruba language mixed with English and the beat was also groovy. The audience broke into a dance of praise as the music band sang with power. There was no doubt that the room had in it and unexplainable aura.

As the music band continued to chant ‘Miracle working God,’ the Spirit of God rested mightily upon Joe Praize and he began to make declarations upon the people. “It is your season!” he declared, “Miracles are coming your way!” he exclaimed with a loud voice. The room was cloudy with the Glory of God, sweat poured out of individuals, their eyes filled with tears as they went on their knees. Many were hit by the Power of God as stony hearts began to break instantly.

By the fifth song ‘You are Great all by Yourself,’ everyone was already lost in worship with their eyes closed and hands lifted high. The back-up vocals sang from the depths of their hearts, totally unaffected and unmoved by the heat wave that surrounded the stage. The atmosphere was simply mind blowing and there was a clear hunger and thirst within the people for more of God.

Every song you hear out of the mouth of Joe Praize was not written by me but were given to me by the Holyghost” He confessed to the audience as the music played softly in the background. “God’s dream and desire is not God with us, but Christ in Us” he declared as a matter of fact to the people as he stylishly moved onto the sixth song “You are Jesus.”.

The deliverance began fully by the eighth song: ‘You are a Powerful God.’ All over the room were hands lifted high, many who were unashamed and desperate laid flat on the ground surrendering totally to God. Chains began to break, shackles let loose as the Power of God hit many. Specific instructions for specific individuals were uttered and prophetic declarations were made.

As they repeated the phrase “Power in Your Name,” Joe Praize ushered three of his backup vocals to freestyle their own versions of the song, the audience screamed with excitement as the vocalists tore down the house with their skillful, sweet and sultry tones. Joe Praize went on to invite two ministers from the audience as they each free styled with a combination with personal testimonies of the power of God at work in their lives. It was indeed an experience!

The concert would not have being complete without Joe Praize singing the ever popular ‘You are a Great and Mighty God‘ as the last song. At this point many were laying at the feet of the Holy God of Israel. The Presence, Power and Glory of God all together at work in the room. The room was overshadowed with deep worship as many bowed down before the King. Uncontrollable tears filled the eyes of many. Deliverance began to take place from different points of the room. Souls were being revived, dancing and rejoicing surrounded the room, a few were dancing while on their knees as they were too weak with the Power of God to stand.

Specific miracles were called out, cancerous growth declared gone. About four persons received Jesus into their lives. Seeds were sown, phones and wrist-watches were also sown. The atmosphere was full. Miracles of divine encounters, restoration of lost finances, healing of dangerous diseases where declared.

Worship In The Room‘ was simply power packed. Restoration, Impact, healing, breakthrough, salvation,Joy,Peace, divine encounters, infilling of the Holyghost and intercession were released upon many.

As Joe Praize began the benediction, thanking everyone for coming to worship God along with him, the Presence of God remained. It almost seemed as though God was not through with his people. Then Joe Praize began to make more declarations to specific individuals; ‘New Auction, New Lifestyle, You shall overtake!’. He began to release new blessings upon the people, calling forth new anointing and as he laid hands on them, the power of God hit them mightily.

God Almighty the King of Glory was present in the room. The room shook with power to the point where ending the concert became a problem. Joe Praize tried to shut down the concert but God was still not through with his children. There were confirmations of healing from blindness, body pains and many more were set free. The total number of miracles were summed up to nine.

Eventually at about 4pm, ‘Worship In The Room‘ came to an end. And although, the concert ended, God’s Presence remained.