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Rosemary Tony-Ayoko is a Nigerian music minister who is passionate about worship and music. She recently released her debut album tagged ‘That I May Know Him.’

The ‘Dwelling Place‘ crooner who is happily married and blessed with two handsome boys had a few things to say about her family and ministry in an interview with Praiseworld Radio.

“Gospel music isn’t something I stumbled upon, It all started about 13 years ago in my final year when God came to me in a dream and told me about my music ministry and how He has singled me out to be used by Him.” she shared.

During the interview she went on to share her experiences in her journey to motherhood, her values and rules in raising her children.

When did your journey to motherhood start?

“My journey to motherhood started when I conceived in 2008 and had my first son in 2009.”

Can you share any major experience or testimony with us?

“Oh my God.  My second pregnancy was a bit challenging unlike the first one. And, my testimony is that I had all sorts of medical reports that were frightening but I held on to God and He came through.

Also, through me a curse was broken. All the females from my maternal side (as in aunties, cousins, my mum) all had miscarriages at every second pregnancy usually about the end of the first trimester entering the second trimester.

I had to go to God way before I got married and disentangled myself from that curse. The devil tried but failed. Just as my first trimester was ending, i was driving to the market and one of my tyres fell into a ditch, it was a big bang but God in His mercy delivered me.

I had my second son and he came out looking very healthy and well fed, weighing 4.8kg.”

How do you find juggling ministry, family and career together?

I am a stay at home mum now because God asked me to quit my job, so I have time for the ministry and that has given me time for my family. It’s been interesting knowing that God has blessed me with the best husband any woman can ask for.

He’s been super supportive and the children too now understand what mummy does and then give their support. My men have been amazing and they know when I have things to attend to, but i try not to allow the busy schedule get in the way of the family moments. We consciously make out time to have fun.

What values or set of rules do you use to guide your children?

  1. Don’t spare the rod

It’s a bit of work trying to raise boys. Hubby and I know when to spank, punish, deprive them of the things they love when naughty. At the same time we talk and let them know why they are being punished and help them see reasons why they should be of good behavior.

We want to raise boys that will grow up to be responsible men and impact their generation through biblical values and moral values learnt. We want to see them excel in everything more than their dad.

2. We pray with them and teach them God’s words.

We want their hearts loving JESUS from this tender age. We can’t afford to have them as prayer points that they are wayward children. We have started now and God is helping us raise them well and in their own way they are learning about JESUS and knowing that our final destination is to make HEAVEN.

3. We are teaching them the importance of raising a happy home by living it out.

They see the bond and also at several times they have told us they will make hubby and I proud when they start raising their own homes and that alone is comforting.
There are other values but these for me are the major I want to point out because it focuses on loving God, loving your immediate family and then being responsible and useful to their generation.

We celebrate the family of The Ayokos, and the priceless role that Rosemary place as the mother to her children and wife to her darling husband.

We recommend you get the That I May Know Him album from iTunes today. It’s a 12 track worship classic produced by Rotimi Keys, which will definitely bless your life.

Rosemary is the last child of five children born to Pastor & Mrs. Joseph Osim. She hails from Abia state and is a graduate of Economics from Benson Idahosa University. She also holds a masters degree in Public and International Affairs from the University of Lagos.

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    Well done Nwannem, More grace as you make our Master proud!