SUPER MOM DAIRIES: Sola Allyson Shares Family Values | @allyson_sola


Sola Allyson is a Nigerian soul/folk singer and song writer. She came into the lime light with her hit track ‘Eji Owuro’. Asides being a singer, she is popularly known as a voice coach, counsellor and a consultant.

She got married in March 2003, having met her husband, Toyin Obaniyi in the church choir. Together they have three lovely children: Ayobami, Mopelola and Obafunmiwo.

Sola Allyson in an interview had this to say about her family:

“I have a scale of preference, you have a list of what you want to do and my family is number one in anything. Stardom is me, me, but you have to turn the “Me” upside down and make it “we”. It is not about me alone, it is not about you alone, it has to be us. My family comes first. If I have to leave home, like traveling out of the country for two or three weeks, on arrival, I would want to turn down every other thing so as to spend quality time with my husband and my children.”

She also went on further to state:

“I want to do the basic thing God has called me to do. God has called me to nurture my world but first I have to nurture my basic family. So, my career does not come before my family, what comes first is God. Then secondly, being a woman, a wife, a mother, then being His vessel. Being that vessel is my career but my family comes first before saying I’m a star.”

Sola Allyson who was born in Lagos state and had her college degree in the Polytechnic of Ibadan is one ‘Superwoman’ Praiseworld radio celebrates. We pray that God continues to release strength in order that she fulfills purpose in her ministry, as a mother and wife.