MUSIC: Oleesa Isaac – I Am Healed (FREE Download) | @oleesa_isaac


Olisaeloka Solomon Isaac Anyakwo, also known as Oleesa Isaac releases this new single titled “I Am Healed”.

Olisaeloka said:

“I believe, that there are songs you only hear in prayer and in the spirit. This song initially started as a small chorus; ‘heal me now’, ‘heal me now’. I was having a flu one day in school and then my roomies where telling me to go buy drugs or go to the school hospital but I did not have the money.

I climbed unto my bed, bent my head and prayed. That was when It started, a cry from my heart, ‘Father heal me now.’ I woke up the next morning with no symptom, no illness, bubbling full of life. That was when I knew there was something about having a heart cry. This was four years ago.

After years of learning, teaching and studying of the word, I realized that we do not need to say Heal me now but rather we ought to declare that we are healed. Isaiah 53:5 says “By His Stripes we are healed.” This is a scripture that i got to know right from when I was 8 years old. I had an appendectomy operation. It was not diagnosed early and instead I was being treated wrongly for malaria/typhoid by some doctors then, until I bloated and began to look like I was gonna die.

My primary school teacher, Mr ABA (RIP) kept reading that scripture to me in the hospital and my mum always praying it too. I was taken to another hospital (ST NICHOLAS) and then diagnosed (not without the doctors shouting at my mum for waiting so long) and God took over from there.

People tell me that divine healing has ceased and that there is nothing like it or it is not realistic etc. But that is a lie from the pit of hell. As long as God lives, divine healing is real, and the power of healing is embedded in this song. Listen and be blessed. I am OLEESA ISAAC and I am one of the a Leaders of this Generation”.


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