Wanna Make Extra Cash?


The Economic Situation in Nigeria presently has called for the people to look more into other streams of income apart from what they do on a regular basis.

This does not rule out the fact that the Government should be held accountable at all times for the welfare of its citizens. We are in a country where the people have to beg the people they vote into public offices for their rights. There is no job security and most companies are down-sizing.

More than ever before, we should begin to look into creating something out of the nothing that we have. Nigeria is also a country that depends majorly on importation to survive. According to research, 96% of what we consume in Nigeria is from import. So today, we want to talk about making extra cash from other means beyond our 9-5 jobs.

  • We must first know that it is God’s intention that we have multiple streams of income. Almost everyone is created with more than one talent/ ability. If we look deep down within ourselves, we will discover some other abilities we have, that we have not given attention to. That maybe how God intends to meet our needs.
  • Most people do the jobs they do for the money, I don’t blame us for this cause the bills are meant to be paid. The economic situation is not helping, but most times, what we can do to have an extra income may be passion related. So we may have to do a soul search to find what we can do alongside a regular job.
  • Meeting a need or creating value is one of the ways to make extra cash. It may not be passion related, but as long as it solves a problem for someone, no matter how small, it can generate additional income.
  • If you have a really busy job, you may want to partner with someone who has more time to pay attention to the business. You will have to take your time to find someone who has as much drive as you to hold up the business in your absence and no matter how busy you are, be involved in the whole process.
  • You may want to also look into investing in people’s business and then share the profit on an agreed percentage. Example, there are lots of small businesses that doesn’t have what it takes to do a proper set-up and project properly for prospective clients to see them. Invest in such businesses and you are on your way to an extra cash.