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Ekanem Esu – Andiwam

Andiwam (My Helper) is a debut single by multiple-award winning Ekanem Esu.  Andiwam is a Nigerian medley that enthrones God in our various indigenous languages as the only wise God. It enthrones God in English plus four (4) indigenous languages (Efik, Yoruba, Igbo, and Qua) and was Produced by King Sunny Baseda (Final Mix Studios & Entertainment).

The slow gyration tempo and the rhythmic flow takes one to a place where trails and sorrows are forgotten and engaged the listener in a state of meditative content.


Ekanem Esu with her sonorous voice is easily recognized in the crowd and has graced the stage of many Church and events nationwide. She took part in the maiden edition of the West African Idols in 2007 with the likes of Omawumi, Timi Dakolo, Jodie, Lara George… and rose to top 25, giving her professional career much boost and a great start. Her dedication and passion for good music has accorded accolades of 8 awards.

She is passionate about God and spreading of the Gospel through her music.

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Chours One

Wa,wa,wa,wa, wa
Oluwa wa /2×

Soprano-  Oluwa wa oh
Alto         –  Oluwa wa oh
Tenor      –  Oluwa wa oh
Oluwa wa
Oluwa wa oh
Oluwa wa

Chorus 2

Di, Di ,Di ,Di ,Di
Abasi Di /2x

Soprano-  Abasi di oh
Alto        –  Abasi di oh
Tenor   –   Abasi di oh
Abasi di
Abasi di oh
Abasi di

Call-  Father…….
Respond-  Give your love

Call- Afo ikponga Akara Ererimbot
Respond-  Heal Our Land

Call-  Saviour……
Respond-  Give your Peace

Call-  Agam Eburu Hallelujah Eburu
Respond-  Rule the earth

Call-  Ba-yeh  Ba-yeh
Respond- Ba-yeh

ka esona idah
Oluwa wa oh
Chinekamu bia
Abasi di oh
Asi ba

Chorus three

Bia-nu, Bia-nu ,Bia-nu
Chinekamu nbia /2x

Soprano  – Chinekamu bia oh
Alto           – Chinekamu bia oh
Tenor        – Chinekamu bia oh
Chinekamu bia
Chinekamu bia oh
Chinekamu bia

Chorus  four

Call   – Ba -yeh ,Ba-yeh
Respond- Ba-yeh  Asi ba /2x

Soprano -Asi ba oh
Alto          -Asi ba oh
Tenor       – Asi ba oh
Asi ba
Asi ba oh
Asi ba

Verse Two

Ayangha Owo
Afo edi ofiok nkpo nnam Abasi
Ono owo emem
There is no one like you
I have search i couldn’t find any one like you
Oluwa wa oh
Chinekamu  nbia
Abasi di
Asi ba


Soprano-Oluwa wa oh
Alto         -Oluwa wa oh
Tenor      -Oluwa wa oh
Soprano- Abasi di oh
Alto       – Abasi di oh
Tenor    – Abasi di oh
Soprano- Chinekamu   nbia oh
Alto         -Chinekamu   nbia oh
Tenor       -Chinekamu   nbia oh
Soprano -Asi ba oh
Alto         – Asi ba oh
Tenor     -Asi ba oh

Till Fade…

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