The song “BOUNCE” by ANI boldly proclaims the victorious life Christ has brought and made available for every believer. It also highlights some privileges and advantages, the spirit-filled Christian walks in. The song is a rich blend of of Hip Hop, Trap and Dance hall and is sure to get you bumping and grooving go the glory of God the Father. Therefore waste no time in downloading and listening this masterpiece and watch as your spirit shall be immediately lifted by its edifying message and great tune.

Anthony Ani aka ANI – is a talented lyricist, singer, rapper, songwriter, actor and independent recording artiste. His primary genres include Hip Hop, Reggae and Dancehall. Born 22nd July, 1993 to a nuclear family of 5. He hails from Odukpani LGA in Cross River State, Nigeria. He prefers to refer to his music as “Gospirational” which means the Gospel – how it affects our everyday life, how it teaches, uplifts and enriches our spiritual lives.

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We bouncing in the Lord, victors by the blood…(Bounce)
“The winning everyday stuff” in our blood…(Bounce)
I said it’s in our DNA so we no dey force…(Bounce)
We steady frustrating the devil no remorse…(Bounce)
They screaming recession but we still dey shop…(Bounce)
And they feeling depression but we still dey ball…(Bounce)
If you be covenant child lemme see your hands…(Bounce)
Oya come fi join me make we just dey bounce
Bounce, Bounce…say we go dey bounce (x3)
Bouncing in the Lord (x2)

Verse 1:
When something is yours you don’t beg for it,
So you ain’t gotta stress…Jesus paid for it.
Cos victory is mine I don’t fight for it
I’ve tasted the divine…I can vouch for it.
See experience is key my brother
Exempted…man never suffer
Go run tell another, tell em my Dad be real ABBA father…reason man never feel under weather…uwo ooh!
Everyday mi winning of course
And nothing fit throw me off course…yeah.
My failure was hung on the cross
Making profit…man never loss…yeah.

Bounce, Bounce…say we go dey bounce (x3)
Bouncing in the Lord (x2)

Verse 2
Everyday me bouncing bouncing like ah new born baby.
Everything fresh like ah mannequin steady
Top form pon mi game…mi productive daily
Putting faith to work not lazy…ay!
Come fi wait a bit make I tell you something
Being a covenant child issa great something
When they see ah casting down it’s for me a lifting.
Cos I’m greatly helped…Holy Ghost something.
See the favour pon mi life issa grace something
Mi breaking protocol…impossible is nothing.
Mi the head not the tail…scriptural something.
I’m a seed of Abraham…hence all the blessings yeah.

Repeat Chorus till end.