Last Sunday September 3rd 2017,weary Houstonians many of whom lost their properties to Harvey’s hurricane filled churches in the region.

Rev. Barkley Thompson of the Christ Church Cathedral in downtown Houston rallied his congregation to action from the pulpit as he likened the disaster happening in the City with that happened in the time of Moses.

“Forty-two thousand are presently housed in shelters across this city and state. Forty people have died. Rockport was devastated.

Beaumont drowned. One runs out of superlative adjectives to describe things — and then one simply runs out of the energy to speak at all,”


The church engaged attendees to sign up and also charged volunteers to feed the homeless,give temporal housing,help clean houses and also neighborhood potluck dinners.

 The church operates The Beacon, which dishes out 300 daily free lunches to homeless people downtown five days per week.

The Houston City officials and the City Coalition for the Homeless requested The Beacon to begin serving three meals daily from Last Sunday through to September 15th in Harvey’s wake.

The South Main Baptist Church also donated 300 pairs of shoes so that the homeless could trade in waterlogged areas.

Christ Church Cathedral has established an Uber account for parishioners who lost their vehicles to floods. The church also set up a list of parish attorneys to offer pro bono assistance for insurance or Federal Emergency Management Agency paperwork.

‘We are going to get through his together’