Studio 6 Naija recently caught up with Nigerian hip hop duo C-Rydaz in an interview that got them sharing about their soon to be released mixtape ‘Grace Made Billioniare’, forthcoming album and other issues that relate to their music.


Studio 6 Naija: Can we meet you guys officially.
C-Rydaz: C-Rydaz means Christ Rydaz. This team is made up of 2 brothers; Young god and figasoul, our music is basically ‘Soul winning’.

Studio 6 Naija: We heard you guys are working on another mixtape and what is the title?
C-Rydaz: yeah, it’s titled ‘Grace made billionaire’.

Studio 6 Naija: Why GMB?
C-Rydaz: Apart from the fact that it’s something that God dropped in our heart, the church needs to rise up and teach people about Grace and not self-effort.

Everything we are and have today is paid for. In as much as we can’t pay for our sins, equally we can’t pay for our prosperity and well being too.

Studio 6 Naija: Why another mixtape and not an album?
C-Rydaz: There is a message we need to pass across to the world and we just feel this is the best way to communicate this message.

Also, we want to give our fans something to hear or listen to as they anticipate our Album.

Studio 6 Naija: So who and who are you guys really working with, because rumor has it that some international artistes are involved this time around?
C-Rydaz: Yeah, we are working with some couple of artistes in the diaspora of which we can mention some names for now.

We have people like ill ceey from Zimbabwe, Karl Nova from Uk, those are the names we can reveal for now. We have others from Nigeria; the likes of Ottovonpablo, Steve Williz, DM2, Highness, and Thread stone hopefully.

Studio 6 Naija: If you don’t mind me asking, the new thing going around is that some gospel artistes are declining that their music be tagged ‘gospel’. So are you guys gospel artistes or not?
C-Rydaz: Yeah, that really depends on what you call gospel. Some assume all conscious songs are secular careless the moral message behind it, while some times only all hallelujah/amen songs as gospel.

In that view, we can’t assure u all our songs are gospel. Regardless of all those mentioned opinions, we do good music and they all must not be hallelujah/amen songs. But in terms of identity we cannot hide our lion claws and deny we are lions.

It is impossible to disguise the obvious; we are born again Christians, and our songs are Christ centered reflecting our faith.

Studio 6 Naija: Amen to that. Your songs might not be tagged ‘gospel’ but you guys will want your songs played in the Churches and in the clubs?
C-Rydaz: We do songs as led by the Holy Spirit…we are only but tools in His hands, we didn’t send ourselves, He sent us. If He chooses to send the message to the church or clubs then who are we to object, we are on the “GO YE” mission.

Studio 6 Naija: Ok, we can move from here. Tell your fans out there about the new single and when it will be out and I’m sure they won’t mind knowing those behind it.
C-Rydaz: We intend to drop 3 singles from the new mixtape but not at the same time. The first single is ‘Grace made billionaire’ produced by VC Perez ft Ottovonpablo and Highness. It drops officially 1st of August this year.

Studio 6 Naija: Finally, we will like to know; how far has your music gone, is it just local?
C-Rydaz: Hmmmmmm, God has really been faithful. We can’t say we haven’t done much or we have done so much, our music has been a blessing to millions of people all around the world.

Recently we had a tour ‘Street Alter’ around lots of Nigerian universities and different churches around Nigeria. Recently we were in some African countries. We trust God that this project will affect millions of people and give them a new dimension of what Grace is and who Grace is.