Beyond the excitement, the exchanging of gifts. Beyond the lighting of Christmas trees, beyond the colorful decorations and the numerous killings of chickens, goats and rams. Beyond all forms of celebration, let’s not forget the main reason for the season; Jesus. Jesus Christ of Nazareth was born in Bethlehem for the sole purpose of saving mankind.

On that silent night, Mary and Joseph walked to and fro seeking for a place to lay. With no solution they sought the only available option and retreated to a Manger. Jesus Christ was born in a manger and Its no surprise. With the uniqueness of this child, this special child that was to be born for a great mission, What inn had the capacity to behold a king? This child was too important, too powerful to be confined to a room. Everything about the birth of Jesus was so significant and unusual. Mary’s pregnancy, His birth, his stay on earth, his death and his resurrection where all unusual and mind blowing events.

This is to show that he was no ordinary child. A child that had shepherds looking all over for him just so they could bow down and worship him, a child that had three significant gifts given to him by the three wise men. A child that a whole King was afraid of and was searching desperately to kill. That is no ordinary child I tell you.

The birth of Christ was the beginning of our journey to freedom. Without his birth we would have been stuck under  the shackles of the enemy, depressed and been in utter darkness. But He chose to come down to earth to help us out, to release us from the chains of destruction. This is something we should be so excited about. The fact that Jesus volunteered to come and relieve us from the pain that the enemy had inflicted upon us.

Where are the grateful people? Where are the thankful people who understand that its not a time to buy new clothes and shoes, neither is it a time to cook numerous food varieties and visit friends but rather, it is a time to reflect and cast our minds back to the amazing thing Jesus did on our behalf. Choosing to leave heaven in all his splendor to come down into this world to pick us and clean us up through his death.

He was born into our world solely for the purpose of death. Born so that he may die to save us from sin. In as much as we’re celebrating the birth of the king, we have to remember that he chose to come into this earth to die for us so that all our unrighteousness can be placed upon him in order to wipe the slate clean.

Jesus Christ was born for a good and noble cause. Therefore, in the midst of the celebration,  let there be a constant reminder that Christmas signifies Christ’s birth into the world. So as we celebrate, let the love of Christ flow in your heart to everyone around you, do something out of the ordinary just as Christ did. Sacrifice something for your spouse, let go of that extra cash and give it to someone who needs it, it won’t hurt to love a little more and give a little more this season. Let’s Make this Christmas count. Merry Christmas!