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We all have this soft spot for money and things money can buy. We get to exhibit different characters and personalities based on our state of mind which is, for most of us, determined by the state of our pockets and bank accounts.


This month, we had the opportunity of learning from The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola and other Money Magnates he rolls with… (It’s expected!).

The Catalyst, through his recently released book, “The Money Book” gave us a free pass into the lives of the wealthy and truly rich, the separate and like minds of the financial gurus and rules they live by which have caused them to earn their name – Money Magnates (Attractants to Money).

We also got to learn ways in which they create and manage wealth.

We had so many readers sharing excerpts from #TheMoneyBook…

Whilst reading this great reference material, the past few weeks had me learning alongside from a man of great repute, Bishop T. D. Jakes.

It became imperative to note that indeed, God has a message for this season. A message to pay more attention to our finances so we can prosper indeed.

I take The Catalyst’s autographed words in my book to heart and dare myself daily to keep pressing, working hard, exercising faith and discovering purpose.

Today, I dare you to do same and even more.

Explore your inner abilities.

Be the best God has made you to be. I dare you to!

Big shout out to our amazing readers and everyone rushing into stores to get this book. We all have one common experience in the sense that #TheMoneyBook is not just an inspirational book, it’s a reference point, a book we carry around and take a peek into whenever we’re about to make a short or long term decision concerning our finances. The words resound in our hearts and we pick what’s truth and run with it.

First it was about giving out a book.

But… We gave out over a dozen books for free and many more readers rushed to grab their copies. Kudos to The Catalyst Store & Aimee’s Library for being so generous.

To Praiseworld Radio OAPs, thank you for sharing a lot about this book on your shows all month long.

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