Looking back at the beginning of the year, diaries were filled with goals and ambitions. Facebook statuses read phrases like “fresh start”, “new beginnings”. Instagram posts screamed out “new year, new friends”, BBM feeds read; “new year, new resolutions”. Millions were pumped up towards the new year ready to conquer, ready to achieve and do better. Only to lose focus after the new month.

For some, days, weeks and months passed by and the enthusiasm of wanting to do better seemed to fade away slowly. Diaries sank into the bottom pile of books. Instagram and Facebook posts where replaced with the newest and the latest. Resulting to a bunch of beings trying their best to make statements and wanting to be relevant. Unaware of the clock ticking by the second. And now, they’re staring at December in the face, asking themselves how they got here and  wondering what they did all through the year.

For others, days, weeks and months were filled with creative ideas and tasks which were executed one after the other. They kept their eyes on the prize, totally focused and worked endlessly to make everyday count. While men slept, they stayed up wide awake crafting new methods to get better results. And now, its a time to reflect and tick off the goals they had set for themselves, giving themselves a Pat on the back and thanking God for helping them achieve all that they did.


Now the year is about to run out once again and truth be told that these last few days are very sensitive and crucial. They determine how well and how prepared you are to break forth into the new year.

Thousands are caught up in the excitement, counting down and waiting anxiously to party into the new year. Some are scared, worried even, about the new year. Believing that every new year begat new problems so they live each day in fear and uncertainty.

But according to 1 timothy 1:7, God has not given us the spirit of fear but of love,power and of a sound mind. God loves us so much and he has promised us that he has good plans for us, plans that would give us a Bright future. He has also promised us in Ephesians 3:20 that he is able to do much more than we can ever ask or think.

Beyond our expectations and wildest dreams, he has the capacity to help us out anytime and any day. All we have to do is hold on to those promises, trust in him completely and try not do things on our own.

So what are we supposed to do during these last few days of the year 2016? We need to pray into the new year, pray for direction. What does God want you to do in the new year, what’s the next step in your career? Your ministry? And What is God saying to your family for the new year?.

Don’t go into the new year blind, seek for guidance and allow God to lead you. Don’t beat yourself up if you made a whole lot of mistakes, its an opportunity to plan to do better and if you’re able to lean on God for the strength and grace to achieve these plans everything would definitely fall into place as you step into the new year.